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vases start selling grants with the "automatic"

WHA starts selling Grants with "automatic"

For the Russian car industry such news - it is a real new beginning, akin to space launch of the first artificial satellite. For native Russian, of course, because many assembly plants of foreign manufacturers is not the first to successfully produce cars in Russia with an automatic transmission.

For ordinary Russians, who are just the main consumers of the Volga Automobile Plant, automatic transmission Volga or Seagull has always been the same symbol and attribute of a successful party career as a lodge in the Hills or caviar on the table and get acquainted with the chiefs street shops.

Naturally, advanced development of automatic transmission for conventional vehicles in the Soviet Union were. At the same Volga began installing automatic transmission in 1957. However, before applying it to the very ordinary cars, such as vases or Muscovite, it never came.

In the post-Soviet era VAZ took a good twenty years to bring the same to the conveyor production car with the "automatic". They became the most current vazovskaya Grant.

Even today, these machines are available in showrooms. Somewhere already live, and somewhere far only on request. The first "automatic" Grants in the "normal" configuration (index 21902-41-011) were, according to tradition, Togliatti dealers VAZ.

According to the plant, the development has been in the amount spent about seven hundred million rubles. However, the box still not developed by Volga car, and borrowed from the Japanese company Jatco. These are made automatic in Fukushima. Lambda damper testers engaged with Japanese specialists and French from Renault. What will be the situation on the market of spare parts for the new WHA modification Grant is still unknown.

Selling prices for cars Lada Granta, equipped with a box of "automatic" start from 373 rubles. Plan for 2012 - release of 10,000 sedans. In 2013 the same year (of course, provided strong demand for this modification) for 70 thousand copies Granta.

Generally, in the next few months, the plant's planned output indicators 20,000 sedans Lada Granta monthly, so next year we can expect to overcome the bar to 240,000 vehicles of all equipment (ie "smart" Grants amount to almost 30% of total produced cars). All of this suggests serious plans to withdraw VAZ Grant first of the three best-selling cars in Russia, and zetem and did the lead.



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