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driving in fog

Bad weather conditions are for drivers and passengers the greatest danger, as we prepare a lot of unpleasant surprises. In the mist of very frequent accidents. To protect themselves from possible negative effects and to minimize risks, you need to know how to operate in low visibility conditions, and even in the wet.

Fog equalizes all drivers. In poor visibility does not matter gender or driving experience, or reliability of the machine: it depends entirely on your discretion, restraint and responsibility.

If you are driving for a long time, and the fog suddenly appeared, so do not sweat it: the destination you still will not get time. Rushing to no good will not, and for the movement in the mist of you need strong nerves and good vision.

First of all turn the parking lights. Should ride in the fog with headlights on low beam. Be sure to include fog lights, if they are, of course, there is thus properly installed and adjusted.

Fast driving in fog - a sign of the near insane. "Scorcher" in this way does not show courage and recklessness. Do not even try to compete with a car that you have to race. Perhaps this is racing inexpensive taxi to the airport or any daredevil who has nothing to lose. For you are the race may end in failure.

Discard the various abrupt maneuvers - advancing, overtaking evolutions. If it is necessary in the performance of such a maneuver, warn the driver in front of the vehicle in light and sound signals that he was aware of your intentions.

Avoid sudden braking. If you need to stop, reduce speed smoothly, and the parking time enable alarms.

There is one "golden" rule of the driver: the speed of the fog should be less than half the distance of visibility. For example, when the visibility is 40 meters optimal speed - 20 km / h

As you know, in the mist of the optical illusions regarding the distance to various objects. Drivers think that going forward corporate taxi Moscow farther than it actually is. But this is an illusion, so as soon as the road went fog, slow down and increase the distance.

It is best to go with the windows open: so hear what is happening on the road.

In low visibility conditions the body gets tired easily, since under constant emotional stress. Therefore, we have to go slowly and with frequent stops. Even better - to order a taxi to the airport Sheremetyevo, if you need, for example, to meet relatives who arrived at night. In any case, so you can eliminate the risk of damage to his car.



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